Behind-the-Scenes with Tibi

Amy Smilovic, the Georgia designer behind womenswear brand Tibi, says monochromatic is in! See what other style tips she shared with us backstage at New York Fashion Week.


-This is Stephanie Granada, Style Editor, with Southern living Magazine. We are at New York Fashion Week and about to catch up with the Georgia designer, Amy Smilovic of Tibi. Come check it out. -How does being from the south influence your work and what you do at Tibi? -I think it's kind of like call me in effect, you know, It's-- it's a place that, you know, I grew up on a island. So it's very easy and laid back and now I live in a city and so it's kinda like a merge of both of those worlds. -Who is the woman that you really design for? -It's someone who's really busy and but who is creative and passionate about looking great. You know and I think that's really important. -What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about Southern style? -Normally people are like, Oh Southerners, they like color and they do. -Alright. -And they like to look pretty and feminine and they do. I think the new thing now in the south is now with the commerce and everything, a Southern woman have such a window into that world now and she loves it. She's exposed to I think a lot of more brand than she would have been in the past. -Alright. -What is the number one style tip that you can give our readers? -I think a number one style tip is to try and dress a little monochromatic like head to toe, shades of a color can make you look really clean and chic. -Are we gonna see a lot of that in your collections today? -Definitely. -Great.
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