[MUSIC] Everyone's always asking, what's the best way to thaw a frozen turkey, and how long will it take? The answer, the size of your turkey is what determines how long it takes to fully thaw. We always recommend thawing in the refrigerator and an average turkey, about 12 pounds, will take two or three days. Larger than 12 pounds will take take longer. Up to six days for a giant 20 plus pounder. So you want to be sure to shop and plan accordingly. If you need to speed the process along you can always run cold water over it making sure to keep the bird fully submerged. Just be sure your turkey is completely thawed before you start cooking. Another solution if you have a budget is just start out with a fresh turkey. It is more expensive, but it's totally worth it in terms of flavor and then you don't have to worry about thawing anything. [MUSIC]
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