Lost & Found: Memory Quilt

A cherished memory quilt that was blown 75 miles during the April 2011 tornadoes was luckily returned to its owner by a complete stranger.


[MUSIC] The morning of April the 27th, we had get up and I had got ready to go to work. My mother had called me that morning, so I sent a friend over here to pick her up. The tornado come through about, it was about 15 till 4, and What come through just leveled our home. I mean, it was just, awful, just devastation. Just miles and miles of it. This guy that we know, he pulled up cuz he couldn't get through and I said, will you take me over to my house? Well, when we turned up to my road. I mean, I just went berserk. I got as far as the first house. And all you could see was sky. And then I see these two guys coming at me and they just look like they had seen a ghost. They walked up to me and said Fern, you don't wanna go up there. I said yeah I do and I wanna check on my house. He said honey, you don't have nothing left. It was devastating. My house set right here. That was my driveway, and my back porch. And then that was a room over top of my cellar. And this big tree, was right there where that hole is. And I had a bench and all this. [INAUDIBLE] Are my flowers and. It was a two bedroom house. It was, it was my home. The quilt was given to me by a friend back in oh one, two thousand and one. For a Christmas present. I left it at mother's house after I had gotten married and stuff and she always kept things in quilt bags in her, in her curio cabinet, in her back room. And I told her I said I'm just gonna let you keep this. I said it's just, you know, when I get older I'll get it and give it to one of my children maybe. Then when the tornado hit. That was the first thing you know after we sit down and start thinking and going through the house thinking of everything we lost and she said Carrie, your quilt was in there, and we just started crying. My name is Stan Myer and my wife Leah and we're both from Athens, Alabama. All day long the sirens were going off, all day long, off and on off and on. And, it was just a really, just really had a bad feeling about these storms more than normal. After one really bad storm gone, had gone through, we looked outside and I saw this green and white thing way in the back of our yard in a mud puddle. When I went out to pick up the lot of the debris out of the yard. And, when I picked up this, green and white fabric, I realized it wasn't an umbrella, covering. It was a quilt. It was a picture quilt. Later that day we heard about this Facebook page that had gone up where people could post pictures and things they found so we put it on the internet and within an hour somebody responded and said they knew her. And from that contact we were eventually able to get in touch with her. It's amazing that the quilt traveled some 70 plus miles from Phil Campbell to our home, where we can find it and now get it returned to Carrie. [LAUGH] I can recognize you from your picture. [LAUGH] It's good to finally meet you. Well, it's funny how just one little good thing coming out of a terrible disaster can mean so much, and so we'd have to look at those good things that happen and hold on to those, because sometimes they are what pull you through. The fact that it had pictures on it, and it was personalized. We knew that it was, that it was important to someone. And we felt like we just had to find that someone and, and the more that we learned about the devastation around Phil Campbell and that. Well, we wanted to be able to do a little something to try and, and help her. It's not just a quilt. There's a whole story and a life that goes with this quilt, and we just had to return it. It's got pictures from day one, you know, when I was a baby, all the way up til the day it was made in high school. I think it was set down where it was set down so it could be returned to me. I'm, I'm just thankful I got it back. We can feel good that we've helped Carrie, re-establish a connection to part of her life, her history. [MUSIC] It's a psychic reward that you can't put any monetary amount to. I had never met them before. They were complete strangers but they'll be somebody I'll remember for the rest of my life now.
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