See Why Charleston is the South's Best City

Some call it the Holy City; we call it the South's Best City. Our readers named Charleston, South Carolina the South's best city for our 2017 Best of the South Awards because of its beauty, charm, and cuisine. Locals love the shops and fine dining, and tourists can enjoy the beaches and the history. There's a little something in Charleston for everyone, whether you're into artisan crafts, architecture, or just enjoy great food. This city is the South's gem because of its ability to adapt to young trendsetters while also keeping its rich history and historic charm. While it may be considered a thriving city, there's enough Southern hospitality to wrap around it twice so it never loses its Southern Charm. Our friends at the People Entertainment Network shared this video in honor of the city and the people who make it all that its known for, with special commentary from our Editor In Chief Sid Evans. Honeymoon with the hubby, make it a girl's trip, or bring the whole family down to enjoy all that Charleston has to offer. Watch The It List: Southern Living’s The South’s Best, available now on the new People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN). Go to, or download the PEN app on your favorite device.


Southern cities are famous for their charm, decor, and cuisine, but only one of them combines all of these qualities to earn the prestigious title of the SOuth's Best City. So the winner of the best city category was Charleston, South Carolina. It's a lot of things that's put together that make Charleston special. [INAUDIBLE] That it kind of combines a little bit of city, beach life, and rural living all together. They have world renowned restaurants. You find some little spot out on the beach or go downtown for some fine dining. The history comes alive just walking down the street. I like to walk along King Street and just got into the little boutiques. There are so many young entrepreneurs. I've been here about ten years. The people of Charleston have just been awesome. I think it's the greatest city in the south because of the people. Just a loving community. Just a remarkable place that I think in many ways is at an absolute peak right now. [SOUND]
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