Take a Look at Some of Southern Living's Favorite Shops in the South

We've got some incredible Southern artisans peddling everything from barbecue sauces to homemade leather to family pie recipes to Alabama-made cotton sheets and Mississippi-raised rocking chairs. For the South's Best 2017 voting, we asked Southern Living readers which shops they liked best around the region – and the 22,0000 votes gave a mix of classics and newbies that you love. A few of the winning shops are owned by Nashville's favorite celebrities – like white-and-blue themed Draper James, owned by actress Reese Witherspoon, and country-preppy White's Mercantile, owned by Hank Williams' granddaughter Holly Williams. An iconic stationary shop in Florida with a loyal following and Erin Reitz and Kelly Clarke Speake’s The Commons in Charleston also made this year's list. But our winner, The Paris Market, stands as our community's favorite (and our staff’s too) for its ability to blend Southern hospitality with European aesthetics. Whether it’s scooping lavender buds into cloth sacks near the cash register, finding an instant dose of aromatherapy through their candle collection, or admiring the mix of french antiques in the basement level, this shop and all of our winners provide not only an escape, but inspiration– and just that certain something we didn’t know we needed. In honor of the occasion, our friends at the People/Entertainment Weekly Network compiled this roundup of some of your top picks. Watch The It List: Southern Living’s The South’s Best, available now on the new People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN). Go to PEOPLE.com/PEN, or download the PEN app on your favorite device.


[MUSIC] After any trip through the South you're bound to return with a one of a kind keepsake you'll treasure for the rest of your life. Whether you're looking for antiques, jewelry, home goods, or some new clothes. You won't wanna miss any, these amazing shops. The seven shopping experience is unique because when you come in a store or boutique in the south, people are gonna take care of you. You probably gonna be offered some ice tea when you walk in. I was really excited to see Rifle Paper Company and Rifle Bond the owner. She's become sort of a [UNKNOWN] in graphic design. You can see her floral patterns. Pretty much anywhere. But her shop in Winter Park, Florida is such an inspiration of where she gets her inspiration from. White's Mercantile was on the list. It's owned by Holly Williams, who is actually the Grand daughter of Hank Williams She has such a beautiful store. It's an old fashioned general store, but it's filled with all these modern, cool things that you can buy. [BLANK_AUDIO] The [UNKNOWN] shop is The Paris Market in Savannah, Georgia. And The Paris Market is just everything you want out of a store. It has beautiful antiques. It has really fun new items. You can get anyone in your life anything at the Paris Market. It's just a really magical place where you can find almost anything. [MUSIC] [SOUND]
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