2012 Senoia, Georgia Idea House Sneak Peek

Get the inside scoop on the transformation of the renovated Senoia, Georgia farmhouse. Tours of the home are available now until December 23rd, so plan your trip to get great ideas and inspiration.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Terry Pylant with Historical Concepts. And I'm Claire Smith. We were both involved here in Sanoy, Georgia, on the historic farmhouse renovation project. It was part of the original settlement, which was back about 1828 or so, before Sanoy was actually incorporated and we were able to take that and kind of move the house, and reposition it in the point that would actually fit context of, what is more likely around Sanoy today. The house had been reclad in a bunch of different materials, from the outside it didn't look it's age. So we came in, actually stripped a lot of that and kind of took it back to that 1830s farmhouse. If you really look at the houses around town, in any old farm house, you see where they would've made additions and changes and enclosures over time. It truly is just a little microcosm of what we at Historical Concept's, called generational architecture. And when we, we came through the house, one of the things that, that first caught us was the wood walls. And it wasn't until the house was really open, that we realized the material was hand-planed. Today we build everything with two-by-tens, two-by-twelves engineered lumber. And, in this house it was actually. Two-by-fours and maybe a two-by-six. This house has stood for 180 years without engineered lumber. So those are some of the fun things to discover. Originally, this stair was reversed from what we see it as today. So you walked in the front door. And you actually walked around to the back door. And then went up the stairs. Also, when you got upstairs there was this weird filled in bathroom that had no light. So you didn't get that great light from both sides that we, we get today. So in reversing that stair we were able to open up that stair hall. Really give it the feeling of an original farm house. But a lot of the old materials we've been able to reuse from the old heart pine floors in the main foyer and the master bedroom and the master bathroom are wonderful. The contractors, Tom especially, did a great job of taking these little bitty pieces, didn't throw anything away and kept it in the container and were able to see where we can use it. And there's very little waste When it came to the old material in the house we saved every, every little piece. And where we did have additions and we needed additional material, we tried to use products that married well Mm-hm with existing materials. Throughout the whole process we kept asking ourselves, is this an idea. This is supposed Right to be idea house, so we wanted it [MUSIC] To have features that as the, the visitors arrive that they, they learn something new or they see something that maybe they wouldn't have thought of. I was looking the other day at the old photographs that we had taken of the house and to see the transformation it's like the butterfly from the cocoon when you see the house from the outside versus what we saw originally, it's just amazing.
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