Healthy Crock Pot Recipes

Iain Bagwell
These healthy slow cooker recipes are not only delicious, but easy to make.

In today’s world, “easy” and “healthy” need to go hand-in-hand when it comes to making food. Finding time to create wholesome meals that please the entire family without compromising wellness can seem impossible. Luckily, these healthy crock pot recipes help you bypass an elaborate day of cooking while still serving up heavenly flavors that everyone will love.

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Healthy Meal Ideas

Whether you’re looking for a slow cooker breakfast casserole or a hearty vegetarian crock pot dish, quick crock pot recipes are ideal for feeding yourself on-the-go or taking care of the entire family without spending your day in the kitchen. Take advantage of these healthy crock pot meals to create distinctive dishes, complete with a dash of convenience and peace-of-mind!

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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A healthy breakfast is the best way to kickstart a productive day, but it’s not always easy to find time for making meals when you’re rushing to work or getting the kids ready for school. Preparing a slow cooker breakfast the night before can offer the perfect solution to this problem. Get your morning started right with these mouthwatering crock pot breakfast recipes!

Crock Pot Breakfast Casseroles

Victor Protasio

Sweet Potato Breakfast Casserole

Tomato-Herb Frittata

Crock Pot Oatmeal Recipes

Oxmoor House


Steel Cut Oatmeal with Apples

Photo: Iain Bagwell; Styling: Cindy Barr

Hearty Oat and Grains

Healthy Crock Pot Lunch Ideas

Life’s daily hustle and bustle can hinder our ability to have a healthful, yet quick lunch handy. Creating make-ahead lunches in the crock pot is a simple way to enjoy a satisfying midday meal when you’re in a time crunch. Look through some of these healthy lunch ideas to find your next make-ahead meal!

Jennifer Causey

Ramen Bowls

Photo: Jennifer Causey

Barbacoa Brisket

My Recipes

Slow-Cooker Creamy Tomato Soup

Photo: Hector Sanchez

Tangy Slow-Cooker Pork Shoulder

Healthy Crock Pot Dinner Ideas

Dinner is often the largest and most time-consuming meal to make. Whether you’re assembling a large family dinner or an intimate dinner for two, having healthy dinner ideas on hand is essential for feeding your loved ones the most nutritious (and delectable) meals possible. These slow cooker dinners provide the best of both worlds.

Randy Mayor

Chicken Thighs with Olives and Tomato Sauce

Pork Noodle Bowls

Photo: Jennifer Causey

Fresh Corn & Potato Soup with Sauteed Shrimp

Photo: Iain Bagwell

Braised Fennel, Cannellini Beans, & Italian Sausage

Healthy Crock Pot Dessert Ideas

Dessert isn’t exactly known for being nutritious and low calorie, but it’s an essential component to all truly healthy dinner ideas. Crock pot desserts not only require much less effort to prepare than their traditional counterparts, but they can be better for you as well. Finish off your family dinner or dinner for two with some of these hit-the-spot healthy dessert recipes!

Slow Cooker Apple Cake

Photo: Jennifer Causey; Styling: Claire Spollen

Slow Cooker Cardamom Rice Pudding with Fresh Peaches

Mariha-kitchen/Getty Images

Saucy Apples 'n' Pears

Oxmoor House

Holiday Gingerbread Pudding

High Protein Slow Cooker Meals

Brian Leatart/Getty Images

Protein isn’t just a nutrient that our bodies needs to function, it also helps build fat-burning muscle and keeps us feeling full. Crock pots are perfect for creating healthy slow-cooker meals that highlight robust proteins like chicken, beef, pork, and turkey. Take a peek at these delicious recipes for a few protein-filled meal ideas. Some could even be helpful if you’re looking for paleo slow cooker recipes!

Healthy Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes

Out-of-this-world barbeque may be one of the South’s claims to fame, but these dishes don’t always go easy on the waistline. Luckily, healthy chicken crock pot recipes can give you that quintessential Southern flavor without all the extra calories. These healthy chicken recipes for the slow cooker taste like they’ve been plucked straight from Mama’s cookbook.

Photo: Becky Luigart-Stayner

Slow-Cooked Barbecued Chicken

Photo: Hector Sanchez

Crock Pot Whole Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic

Photo: Jennifer Davick; Styling: Lydia DeGaris Pursell

Crock Pot Chicken Breast with Artichokes & Wild Mushrooms


Rosemary Garlic Chicken Quarters

Photo: Jennifer Davick

Chicken Sausage & White Bean Stew

Photo: Alison Miksch

Crock Pot Pulled Chicken Lettuce Cups

Healthy Slow Cooker Beef Recipes

Known as a staple of Texas and Oklahoma cuisine, healthy beef recipes made in the crock pot are a fantastic addition to any Southern kitchen. Give these slow-cooker beef recipes a shot when you want to enjoy tasty, healthful dishes.

Photo: Iain Bagwell

Spiced Crock Pot Beef Stew With Sweet Potatoes

Nina Choi

Beef Pot Roast with Turnip Greens

Thai Red Curry Beef

Photo: Hector Sanchez

Wine-Braised Oxtails

Photo: Iain Bagwell

Classic Beef Stew

Alison Miksch

Brisket Tacos with Summer Salsa

Healthy Slow Cooker Pork Recipes

It may come as little surprise that pork is so popular. Known for its versatility and value, pork regularly takes the spotlight when it comes to crock pot dishes. Peruse through these healthy pork recipes to enjoy all of the delicious flavor that the other white meat has to offer.

Photo: Hector Sanchez

Crock Pot Pork Loin, Apples, Bacon, & Sauerkraut

Photo: Iain Bagwell

Good Luck Greens & Peas with Ham

Greg Dupree

Crock Pot Pulled Pork Tacos Al Pastor

5-Ingredient Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork

Healthy Slow Cooker Turkey Recipes

Achieving a perfectly cooked turkey can be challenging in an oven, but the crock pot makes the whole process easier than ever. Because the poultry cooks slowly over time, crock pot turkey is known for being moist and flavorful. If you’re looking for a finger licking good turkey dish without all the hassle, then give one of these healthy turkey recipes a try.

Victor Protasio

Moroccan Turkey Legs and Thighs with Fruit, Olives, and Almonds

Hector Manuel Sanchez

Apple Butter-Glazed Turkey

Photo: Howard Lee Puckett

Red Beans and Rice with Turkey Sausage

Healthy Slow Cooker Main Dishes

As every busy Southern cook can attest, there’s nothing quite like the convenience of crock pot recipes. Healthy crock pot recipes can help you create soup, pasta, and chili dishes that will keep your family happy and full. Hit your family meals out of the park with these mouthwatering healthy dinner ideas.

Easy Crock Pot Chili Recipes

Slow cooker chili is a fantastic addition to anyone’s recipe repertoire. Not only is it easy to make in the slow cooker, but it can also be prepared many different ways—ensuring your dinner table always has a little variety. Here are a few healthy chili recipes that will add some spice to your weekly menu.

Hector Manuel Sanchez

White Bean Chicken Chili

Photo: Hector M. Sanchez

Brisket Chili

Photo: Hector M. Sanchez

Smoky Turkey & Sweet Potato Chili

Photo: Hector M. Sanchez

Beef-and-Bean Chili

Simple Crock Pot Soup Recipes

Making healthy soup recipes doesn’t have to be challenging. Soup can be as easy as chopping up a few ingredients, throwing them into the crock pot, and walking away for the next few hours until your meal is fully prepared and ready to serve. These slow cooker soup recipes transform some of the most decadent soups into an easy-to-make, healthy meal.

Photo: Hector M. Sanchez

Navy Bean and Ham Soup

Iain Bagwell

Soulful Crock Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

Photo: Hector Sanchez

Green Tomato Chile Verde

Hector Sanchez

Tortilla Soup

Kid Friendly Crock Pot Noodle Recipes

It doesn’t have to be difficult to create a delicious family meal that everyone will love. Oftentimes, even the pickiest of eaters gleefully anticipate a classic pasta dinner. From delicious tomato sauces to perfectly simmered meats, these quick crock pot recipes pair slow-cooker convenience with classic, family-pleasing flavors.

Slow Cooker Lasagna with Sausage & Squash

Alison Miksch

Slow Cooker Tomato Sauce

Photo: Jennifer Davick

Turkey Meatball Stroganoff

Hector Sanchez

Slow-Cooker Parmesan-Herb Pork Loin with Chunky Tomato Sauce

Healthy Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes

Meats often take the spotlight when it comes to crock pot dishes, but there are plenty of mouthwatering vegetarian slow cooker recipes out there. Slow-roasting veggies in the crock pot is particularly ideal for soups, stews, and curries, but can also make fabulous sides and main dishes as well. These healthy vegetarian recipes are the perfect way to skip the meat without any fuss.

Photo: Jennifer Davick

Slow-Cooker Veggie Chili

Photo: Randy Mayor; Styling: Cindy Barr

Black Bean Soup

Photo: Beth Dreiling Hontzas; Styling: Missie Neville Crawford

Balsamic Root Vegetables

Stewed Green Beans & Tomatoes

Southern Living

Hot-&-Spicy Black-Eyed Peas

Oxmoor House

Thyme-Scented White Bean Cassoulet

Now that you've had all these suggestions, pull out your crock pot and get cooking! (Not that you'll have to cook for too long. Thank you slow cooker for making dinner time easier!) 

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