How To Make Sliced Fried Okra

Learn how simple it is to fry up this Southern classic.


Okra is a classic southern vegetable and we love it fried. The larger pods are a little tougher, a little more woody. So they're better to slice in little rounds, which helps them become tender when we fry them. So we're gonna slice them into nice pieces like this. This is going to help make it tender, and create these great little piles that are easy to pop in your mouth, have a nice fork full, serve on big platters for your summer cook outs. This breading for okra is to start with a little buttermilk, and take a little buttermilk. We left that to swim around in there. Coat it pretty thoroughly and again, these little tiny rounds are gonna fry up really quick and get super crispy and all those woody textures are just gonna go away. One thing to remember when you're breading okra or breading anything really, use a wet hand and a dry hand that way you don't have a big mess. You just want to barely coat those, just use a little salt and pepper. Keep it simple. It's gonna really showcase the flavor of the okra. Now we're gonna fry this in some canola oil, heat it to about 350 degrees. We want to cook these little pieces of okra about two to three minutes. You're gonna see it's gonna happen real quick, it get nice and crispy. Drop just a few in at a time. All right, you can see it's getting nice and crispy. [MUSIC] Golden brown. And two, three minutes you've got delicious, crispy okra. For more Southern summer classics, visit Southern Living. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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