The Easiest Way To Smoke A Pork Butt Steak

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For those of us who don’t have an extra 16 hours to spend tending the grill, Matt Moore shares the easy (and quick!) two-hour technique for smoking pork butt steaks that he learned from Big Butts BBQ in Leachville, Arkansas. Matt is the author of the new book, The South’s Best Butts: Pitmaster Secrets for Southern Barbecue Perfection, and he will have you smoking these delectable meats in no time. From using briquettes instead of wood chips to the essential techniques for setting up your cooker, Matt shares his best tips for low and slow style, plus how to use the Texas Crutch method to ensure your barbecue is as tender and flavorful as possible. (You may want to take notes.) If you don’t already have the steaks on hand, ask your local butcher to cut a pork butt into steaks, and start thinking about the barbecue sauces you’ll slather on them later. After getting your grill going and seasoning your meats, you’ll be on your way to a perfectly cooked meal in just two hours flat.

Recipe Revival


So if you don't have 12 to 16 hours to smoke a whole pork ****, this recipe is for you. It's what I found at Big Butts BBQ in Leachville, Arkansas. We're talking pork **** steaks. [MUSIC] So I'm using briquettes, no wood, [SOUND] and if you're like me And you never have newspaper lying around, I like to actually just use the paper from the bag. And my rule is, if you stand here and watch this it will never light, so I like to go away, come back in about 15 minutes until the coals are completely grayed over. And then just spread them out, only on one side of the grill. If I cooked directly over the coals that's gonna be direct grilling. But today, we're gonna look for low and slow indirect heat. Pop the lid on, and I'll wait for the grill to come up to 350 degrees. So now that our grill has reached the perfect temperature, it's time to talk about the ****. And in this instance, we're talking about Pork **** steaks. So you can go to your local grocery store and ask the butcher to cut the **** into one and a quarter inch steaks which will be perfect for this recipe. I'm gonna start out by just simply seasoning them with some salt and pepper. I'm gonna go ahead and add these pork steaks indirect [MUSIC] I want to cover the grill. I'm gonna cook these for about 45 minutes. So it's been 45 minutes, the pork steaks have great color and what I'm gonna do is a pit master secret, it's the old Texas crutch method. So we're gonna add this pork steak right on top of a piece of foil, next thing I wanna do is take some of this Big Butts Barbeque sauce and pretty liberally. Coat this pork steak with the sauce. All right, and I wanna tightly wrap this foil together. [MUSIC] Gonna place it back on the grill for an hour and a half, covered, until it's fall apart tender. So the moment of truth has arrived. I've pulled these off the grill and a really, really important step. You wanna let these rest, in foil, for at least 30 minutes prior to serving. It's time to unwrap. And there you have it. You can serve it as is or with sauce on the side. This is a pork button under two hours, the perfect weeknight meal.

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