Skillet-Baked Ziti with Andouille, Tomatoes, and Peppers

Recipe: Skillet-Baked Ziti with Andouille, Tomatoes, and Peppers

Other than cooking the noodles, this bright, flavorful pasta comes together in just one skillet. An Italian-American classic, baked ziti gets a punch of extra spice when mixed with andouille sausage and cooked in cast iron. Join Test Kitchen Director Robby Melvin as he demonstrates the simplicity of this one-dish, baked pasta recipe.


I'm gonna make a skillet baked ziti. We're gonna give a little southern flair to that by adding dewey sausage, peppers, onions. It's gonna be all cooked down together. I'm gonna rinse my red pepper here. We're gonna go ahead and dice it. Clean this out. Again, build all of our flavors in our cast iron skillet. Let's chop this, get right into the onion. Just going through, [INAUDIBLE] some slices. So we have a little variance in And our vegetable cuts. I've got my cast iron skillet nice and hot here. All this cooks down together. Don't need to start one thing before the other. Put my sausage in there, always want to hear that sizzle. And, we're gonna bring everything else. Give this a good stir. You see it's already nice and moist in the pan. The vegetables are getting lightly caramelized, nice and tender. Now we're going to add some diced fire roasted tomatoes, right in there. [MUSIC] We have some tomato sauce. I've got a little freshly ground black pepper, with some sugar and of course some Kosher salt and a half cup of Parmesan cheese. And we're gonna stir that together. You see it's already starting to bubble. We're gonna bring this up to a simmer. So we've got our ziti that we've already boiled off, now I'm gonna stir it into our sausage mixture here. With freshly grated mozzarella cheese, and we have a remaining bit of parmesan. So we've got our cheese on, mozzarella, parmesan. We're gonna take our whole Entire skillet, we put it in a preheated 350 degree oven. It's gonna bake for about 20 minutes. It'll form a nice crust on the top. The cheese is gonna sink down into the pasta. I'm gonna garnish with a little fresh basil. And this looks, wow look at that, it looks great. [MUSIC]
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