King Ranch Chicken Mac and Cheese

Recipe: King Ranch Chicken Mac and Cheese

You'll find all of the tasty, southwestern flavors of King Ranch Chicken Casserole – like tomatoes, green chiles, sour cream, and chile powder – in this creamy skillet macaroni and cheese recipe. This hearty dinner entree takes just 45 minutes to prepare, and we can guarantee that your family won't leave leftovers. Sub in your favorite pasta, like traditional macaroni noodles, if you don't have any cavatappi on hand.


I'm gonna show you how to make a version of mac and cheese so good it'll quickly become a family favorite. We're making king ranch chicken mac and cheese. First thing you wanna do is drain your cooked pasta. [MUSIC] I'm gonna take the same pot we cooked our pasta in, add a little butter. Let that melt. And start bringing your other ingredients. I'm gonna take fresh green peppers, onions, I'm gonna cook these three or four minutes until they nice and soft. I'm wanna bring the next ingredient which is some diced chillies and tomatoes. This will make this dish a king ranch mark and cheese will bring a south western flare to it. A little ground chillie pepper, a little acumen. Our cube cheese here. You wanna stir just till melts and gets nice and creamy. And as those cubes begin to melt, you're gonna have your chicken ready to go right in. Little sour cream, little cream of chicken soup, which is really going to give it a super full body flavor. And you're gonna stir all these together, bring them all up temp, get it nice and warm. Now our last step is you wanna stir our cooked pasta into this Now it's really starting to look like mac and cheese. Our next step is to go into our cast-iron skillet for baking. Put this right in. Kinda smooth it out a bit. And now we're gonna add even more cheddar cheese. King Ranch Mac and Cheese is ready to go into the oven for 25 to 30 minutes. At about 350 degrees. [MUSIC] And all the classic flavors of a key ranch casserole in this key ranch mac and cheese. We've got a super cheesy golden brown top, we got a nice creamy interior. This is the perfect comforting, hearty weeknight meal. [MUSIC]
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