How To Make Our Easiest Lasagna

Recipe: Extra-Easy Lasagna

If you're a first-time cook (or, if you just like simple dinner recipes), this creamy, hearty lasagna is for you. You don't even have to cook the noodles in this impressive pasta dinner; they become tender and juicy in the tomato-basil sauce. Join Test Kitchen Director Robby Melvin as he walks step-by-step through our Extra-Easy Lasagna, and you'll quickly see (and taste!) why this recipe is one of our top-rated.


Lasagna's a family favorite. We're gonna make extra easy lasagna. When I say easy I mean so easy we aren't even gonna boil the noodles. Let me show you how to do it. First thing you want to do is brown your ground beef. Have a nice hot pan. Kind of gently break up my ground beef. Now I want to drain our beef. What we're doing here is we're removing any excess fat. A favorite tomato sauce here. We're gonna bring that up to a boil. Now what this is doing is deglazing the pan. All that good ground beef flavor, I'm gonna bring that up to temp then I'm gonna add our beef back to it. Now what we've got here again is just building different layers of flavor. So I've got an 11 by 7 baking dish. Now I'm gonna take the meat and I'm going to put a layer in the bottom. Then I'm going noodles. Now I'm going to take the ricotta, the mozzarella cheese freshly grated. [MUSIC] I'm just gonna repeat this process again. [MUSIC] So we've got the last of our mozzarella cheese on our lasagna. Now, the secret to cooking your noodles In your lasagna. Take a quarter cup of water, and we're gonna take this water and we're gonna add it just around the edges. What this is doing is, allowing enough moisture to be in our pan to cook these noodles. Now it's time to wrap the lasagna with aluminum foil. [SOUND] We're gonna go to the oven for 45 minutes [MUSIC] So lasagna's ready. It is beautiful, golden brown, cheesy. So you take the foil off in the last ten minutes which allows you to get nice and golden brown cheese to get super melted. Yeah. So we have our perfect week night lasagna. It is so simple Make two batches. Freeze one and have later. And enjoy one tonight. You have perfectly tender noodles, extra melted golden brown cheese. This truly is extra easy lasagna. [MUSIC]
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