Mix Up a Batch of Bogart’s Addictive Fire and Ice Pickles

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The Fire and Ice Pickles from Bogart’s Smokehouse in St. Louis, Missouri, are the stuff of legend. Don’t let it fool you; it’s no ordinary barbecue side. People flock to Bogart’s for a taste of Fire and Ice Pickles, but now you don’t need a plane ticket to experience them. Matt Moore, author of the new book, The South’s Best Butts: Pitmaster Secrets for Southern Barbecue Perfection, shares the recipe and a few key tips so that you can make these addictive treats at home. They’re incredible alongside barbecue, but they’re also super snackable on their own. You’ll only need five ingredients (including your favorite hot sauce and store-bought pickles). These pickles couldn’t be easier to put together, but you will have to refrigerate them for three days after preparing them. Patience is key. Waiting three days before popping open the jar will be the hardest part of this recipe, but do your best, because the results are worth it. These ingredients combine to make a masterpiece of a barbecue side. Careful, though—they really are addictive.


Tangy and sweet, with plenty of heat, Bogart's Fire and Ice Pickles were one of my favorite finds at Bogart's Smoke House, in St. Louis, Missouri. Let me tell you guys something, when you make these at home, they are super super addictive. Okay, so let's get started. The best part about this recipe is that it involves store bought pickles, could not be easier. But the key step is to wash these pickles in a colander, three times. Before you do it, I want you to reserve at least one cup of this pickling liquid. From there, what we're gonna do is just take this reserve liquid. So this is just a cup of the pickle juice. And you can use whatever pickle happens to be your favorite. From there, I'm gonna add in three quarters of a cup of granulated sugar. Then my favorite, we're using Louisiana hot sauce, you can use whatever you prefer. Then I'm gonna add in some garlic, about a tablespoon of minced garlic. And then even more heat, some cayenne pepper. What I wanna do is, I just wanna mix this until it's thoroughly combined. You can use the exact same pickle jar that you had, and just take these pickles, we're gonna pile them all the way in here. [MUSIC] And then from there I wanna take this liquid, just pour it right over [UNKNOWN] [MUSIC] So at this point, we're gonna pop these in the fridge for three days and the result will be this candied pickle that serves as the perfect side to your favorite barbecue plate.

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