Seven Days in Utopia World Premiere Party

Join Editor-at-Large Kimberly Schlegel Whitman on the "Green" Carpet as she talks to the movie's biggest stars.


I'm Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, editor at large for Southern Living. We're here in Atlanta for the world premiere of Seven Days in Utopia. How does it feel to have this dream of a book come alive and watch it on the big screen? This has had a, a life of its own. You can't predict these kinda things. You just sorta, you just sorta roll with it and, and it's really exciting to see a message that is so special to me and a lot of people come to life on the screen. What's your favorite part of living in the south? Oh, well, just its whole culture and, great hospitality. Great people. Everybody'll wave at you on the street. It's a place where you can find peace and love and that's hard to find in the world today. People are not in such a great big hurry all the time. A little bit more laid back. My wife's from Argentina but she said, Virginia's the last station before heaven for her. What is your favorite golf course in the south? Is the Bachetto Country Club. Is, I'm a member cause, very good practice area. Is fantastic. You live in the South now, right? I live in Atlanta. Yeah. What is your favorite Southern dish? Pulled pork barbecue. My favorite Southern dish is, is gumbo. My mom is a really good cook. I mean, we, but we ate a lot of fried chicken growing up and I actually miss it because now I try to watch my diet. But I do miss that fried chicken. What is your favorite southern dish? Favorite southern dish. I wouldn't say I have a favorite southern dish, but sweet tea is definitely high up on my list. I love some of the Texas barbecue huh. I love the Texas brisket. Some of that shrimp and grits is awful nice, and of course fried chicken's great. I've been blessed with a great mom that knows how to cook, and so she's been actually cannin' for the past three weeks. And I love garden vegetables fried okra, pinto beans. Macaroni and cheese with a little fried chicken's hard to beat. So, in the south, you know, we love it, and we cherish advice from our mothers. What is the best advice your mama ever gave you? My mom actually taught me how to cook at a young age, which was really nice. I think the best advice I ever got was to cook a apple pie in a brown paper bag. It's awesome. Just to be a gentleman, really, I mean she, she taught me to be a gentleman cuz she's a perfect lady. Be humble and not get big headed which is good. Follow your dreams. Follow your dreams, don't sell yourself short, and that's what I've tried to abide by. What's the best advice your mama ever gave you? Oh, well. Just to, be myself, and treat everybody as they would treat, you know, you wanna be treated. So, I think that goes a long way, too. What is the best advice your mama ever gave you? Don't eat that. It's bad for you. No I [LAUGH] Well, Seven Days in Utopia was an amazing film. It's written by a southerner, Doctor David Cook. It's based in the south, and shot in the south. We loved it, and I hope you'll check it out.
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