Grilled Pompano with Salsa Verde

Johnny Fisher and Chef Bill Briand are the powerhouse business duo behind Fisher's at Orange Beach Marina. The team is showing off their flair with fresh seafood, and preparing a stuffed, fresh pompano recipe that's sure to please your dinner guests. The flavorful fish entree is topped with a bright marinated heirloom tomatoes and salsa verde.


Hi, I'm Johnny Fisher, and I'm here with Chef Bill Briand. And today we're gonna be cooking a grilled pompano with marinated heirloom tomatoes and salsa verde. We're gonna take this nice, beautiful, Florida pompano I stuffed it with a little bit of fresh thyme and a lemon wheel. It kind of helps flavor the inside of the fish as it's baking. We've already marked the top side, so we're gonna put this in the oven and cook. Okay, so we're gonna make this beautiful sauce verde. We're gonna take some mint, and we're just gonna rough chop, it doesn't have to be fancy. There's a lot of garlic and olive oil in this, being that the fish is going to be grilled really just to brighten up. Next we're going to cut some parsley, really just the same way, just rough chop. Now we're going to chop up some anchovies. We're going to chop this up a little bit finer and he's going to stir this up as I add the other... Extra ingredients. So we're going to start with our extra virgin olive oil, it's about a cup of raw shallots, fine diced, some minced garlic, some whole capers, some crushed red pepper flakes, fresh ground black pepper. If you guys could smell this, it's really starting to smell good, look good, really coming together. Nicely. You're doing a great job stirring it too. Thanks, chef. We'll also add right now, some kosher salt, and for finish, a little bit of cumin. Next up we're gonna marinade our heirloom tomatoes. So we're gonna do about a quarter cup of red wine vinegar. You just need a little bit of acid to go with the salsa verde. A little bit of extra virgin olive oil, about equal parts. You really don't wanna do anything to the tomatoes. It's all about those tomatoes so toss them in the vinegar, let them sit for a little while while your fish is finishing. Alright and here's the finished [UNKNOWN]. So, I'm gonna add a little salsa verde here. Don't be afraid. You put as much as you want on there. As it it hits this fish if I could explain the garlic and caper and The smell of all the olive oils, it's really awesome, okay? And last and not least we're gonna get these wonderful Silver Hill heirloom cherry tomatoes to finish the top of it. Incredible, I never get tired of this. I mean, so many flavors. Nice job. I think you got a career in this business. [LAUGH]
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