Homemade Salad Bar

Searching for a healthy family dinner idea? Set up a salad bar in your kitchen and let everyone create their own colorful plate.


Here's an easy, healthy meal idea. Create a salad bar at home. This is a great way for kids to learn to make healthy eating choices on their own. And if they help you set it up, they're more likely to dive in and try different things. Here's how you do it. Start with salad greens, use whatever lettuce you have on hand: like romaine, baby spinach, bib, arugula, kale, whatever your family likes. Dinosaur kale is a tender variety that's perfect for salads. And kids love anything that has to do with dinosaurs. Then add some lean protein to the salad to make it really satisfying. Chopped smoked turkey and black forest ham are easy choices. [MUSIC] Just be sure to choose one that's preservative free. If you like include hard cooked eggs and even canned beans for added protein and fiber. Then go to town with the veggies. Raw or cooked. Set out tomatoes, sliced bell peppers, radishes, mushrooms, avocados, steamed green beans, zucchini, cucumbers. Use a variety to make it really colorful. Now if you have some left over cooked whole grains like, quinoa or brown rice, add those to the mix o boost the fiber. Then put out your favorite salad dressings or make a simple vinaigrette. Finally, don't forget the garnishes, like toasted almonds, sunflower seeds, and even dried cherries. Finish it off with wholesome, crusty, whole grain bread, then let your family serve themselves to see who comes up with the best looking plate. Next time you need a fresh meal that's good for your family, just set up the salad bar. [MUSIC]
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