• Deciduous
  • Evergreen
  • Shrubs
  • Vines / Ground Covers
  • Varies by Species
  • Regular Water
  • TS (Tropical South) / Zone 10
  • TS (Tropical South) / Zone 11

Plant Details

Diverse group of plants grown for big clusters of showy, brightly colored flowers that are fragrant in some species. Bloom comes on current season's growth. Provide support for climbing species. Grow in well-drained soil. Good greenhouse plants in areas that are beyond their hardiness limits. Not browsed by deer.

C. bungei. CASHMERE BOUQUET. Evergreen shrub. Zones LS, CS, TS; USDA 8-11. Native to China. Plant grows rapidly to 6 ft. tall and wide; spreads rapidly by suckers, eventually forming a thicket if not restrained. Big (to 1-ft.), coarse, broadly oval leaves with toothed edges are dark green above, with rust-colored fuzz beneath. Leaves release a sickening odor when bruised or crushed. Loose clusters of delightfully fragrant rosy red flowers in summer, sometimes into fall. Plant where its appearance (except during bloom time) is not important. Prune severely in spring and pinch back throughout the growing season to make a compact, 2- to 3-ft. shrub. Partial shade. 'Pink Diamond' is compact with large clusters of pink flowers and creamy white, variegated leaves.

C. myricoides 'Ugandense'. BLUE BUTTERFLY BUSH. Evergreen shrub. Native to tropical Africa. Grows to 10 ft. tall and about half as wide. Glossy, dark green leaves to 4 in. long. Each five-petaled blossom has one violet-blue petal and four pale blue ones; pistil and stamens arch outward and upward. Partial shade.

C. quadriloculare. SHOOTING STAR. Evergreen shrub. From the Philippines. To 15 ft. tall, spread- ing by root suckers. Has an upright habit; can be trained to tree form. Clusters of fragrant pink flowers in fall and spring enhance the deep purple of the leaf undersides. Use as color accent, hedge, screen, or tubbed specimen for the lanai. Protect from harsh winds. Prune to shape. Full sun.

C. speciosissimum (C. buchananii fallax). JAVA GLORYBOWER. Evergreen shrub. From Indonesia. Erect growth to 12 ft. tall and 6 ft. wide. Plant produces brilliant scarlet flowers throughout much of the year. Densely hairy, heart-shaped leaves grow to 1 ft. long. Suitable shrub for mass plantings, hedges, or colorful screens; it also makes a good container plant. You can prune to improve appearance and shape as needed. Full sun or partial shade.

C. x speciosum. CLERODENDRUM VINE. Evergreen shrubby vine. Hybrid between C. splendens and C. thomsoniae. A vine of fairly rapid growth to 30 ft. Glossy, oval dark green leaves to 7 in. long. Blooms in winter and spring, bearing clusters of bicolored blooms with a dull pink or red calyx surrounding a short tube in deep crimson shaded with violet. Calyxes hang on. Full sun.

C. splendens. RED CLERODENDRUM, FLAMING GLORYBOWER. Evergreen vine. From tropical Africa. Climbs rapidly to 30 ft. Rich green, glossy leaves to 7 in. long. Large clusters of brilliant red flowers bloom profusely during winter. Protect from strong winds. Best in sun on vertical supports such as a fence or trellis, and can be trained along eaves.

C. thomsoniae (C. balfouri). BLEEDING HEART VINE. Evergreen vine. Native to West Africa. Re- strained and mannerly growth to no more than 12 ft. Distinctly ribbed, oval, shiny dark green leaves, 47 in. long. Blooms from summer to fall, bearing flattish, 5-in. clusters of up to 20 flowers. White calyxes reminiscent of paper lanterns surround scarlet flowers, displaying a striking two-tone contrast. Use it on sheltered patio walls or arbor posts. Grows well in large containers; move it to a frost-free shelter in winter. Partial shade.

C. trichotomum. HARLEQUIN GLORYBOWER. Deciduous shrub. Zones MS, LS, CS, TS; USDA 7-11. Native to Japan. Reaches 1015 ft. tall and wide, with many stems growing from base; can also be trained as a small tree. Soft, hairy, oval dark green leaves to 5 in. long. Fragrant blossomseach a white tube almost twice as long as the prominent, fleshy, scarlet calyx surrounding itcome in late summer. Calyxes hang on and contrast pleasingly with metallic-looking turquoise or blue-green fruit. Give this shrub plenty of room to spread at top; add plants underneath it to hide its legginess. 'Carnival' and 'Variegata' have leaves broadly edged in creamy white. C. t. fargesii, from China, is somewhat hardier and smaller; it has smooth leaves and green calyxes that turn pink. Partial shade.

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