September 2008 Magazine Issue

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Southern Living magazine contents for September 2008.

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September 2008 Magazine Issue

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Around Your Garden
Grayton Beach, FL
Rearrange & Renew
Meeting in the Middle
Blending Furniture Style
Island Appeal
8 Favorite Plants for Fall
Pretty Up Your Pots
Social Climber-Cypress Vine
Sharing Roses
Just Relax
Virginia on the Vine
Healthy Party, Big Latin Flavor
Fall In Love With Comfy Shoes
Words To Live By
Footsteps to Fitness
Coffee's Healthy Perks
Fresh Ideas for Shrimp
Fall Refresher
Harvest Salads
Pork With Pizzazz
September 2008: Around Your Garden
Best-Ever Apple Pie
Quick & Easy: Farmhouse Breakfast
A Week of Easy Meals
Great Grilled Eggplant
Cozy Fireside Supper
Fast Sides
All-Time Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
Quick-Fix Jammin' Jambalaya
Marching Ravens Take the Field
Cancer Sisters
Southerners: Branford Marsalis
September 2008: Sources

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September 2008 Magazine Cover

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