December 2008 Magazine Issue

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Southern Living magazine contents for December 2008.

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Monday, December 1, 2008 - 23:49


December 2008 Magazine

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10-Minute Appetizers
Bake an Easy Breakfast
Easy Christmas Desserts
Warm Fruit Sides
Beer Swap Tips from a Pro
Kids in the Kitchen
Pizza Pot Pie
Cozy Christmas Dinner
Choose Your Home Giveaway
Chill Out!
St. Pete Surprise
Old Salem by Candlelight
Brasserie Beck and Marcel's
Wonders in Glass
Dreamy Getaway
Postcard from Dallas: Winter Ride
Unwrap the Magic in Texas
Eureka Springs, AR
Postcard from Longwood: Decked Out
Air of Sophistication
Fashion Cents From an Expert
Good-For-You Gifts

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December 2008 Magazine Cover

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