Crack Open a Bottle of 90's Nostalgia

Zima is coming back for a limited time only.

Now that’s wassup! MillerCoors announced it’s bringing back Zima (A.K.A. the drink of the 90’s) just in time for Fourth of July weekend. The clear, malt-based adult beverage, which bounced from stores in 2008, will be available for a limited time only in six-pack form. When you pack up your picnic for your Independence Day party, now you can grab a six pack and celebrate in full 90's throwback glory.

“Tons of people have been asking for Zima to make a comeback, and this summer seemed like the perfect time,” Tristan Meline, senior marketing manager of innovation at MillerCoors, said in a statement. “Whether you remember it or not, this summer is your only chance to taste the ‘it’ drink of the ‘90s.”

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Zima will reportedly stay true to its classic look and citrus flavor, but don’t wait, it’s only available until Labor Day. To find the store closest to you that plans to stock the “malternative” beverage, head over to Zima’s totally 90s website. Cheerz!

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