We Can’t Get Enough of Ellen’s New Summer Camp Collection for Dogs

ED Ellen DeGeneres
Pup approved! 

Just in time for the official start of summer, Ellen DeGeneres has added a whole new crop of seasonal accessories to her beloved PetSmart line for dogs. The new Summer Camp Collection is every pup’s summer camp fantasy come true, and features whimsical nods to adventure-filled days of hiking and exploring, sleeping in tents, and eating s’mores by the fire—with a doggy twist.

“I love the new Summer Camp Collection. It’s the perfect collection for dogs that want to experience the fun of camp, but are too nervous to be away from their families for the whole summer,” DeGeneres, who test-runs all the products with her many pets, said in a release.

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Joining the existing line of toys, beds, bowls, and grooming products, the new camp-ready collection features an impossibly cute Camp Hut Pet Bed ($39.99); a plush s’mores toy ($7.99); camp polo shirts (from $13.99); sporty collars and plenty more.

ED Ellen DeGeneres

Shop the ED Ellen DeGeneres line of dog accessories exclusively on PetSmart. Don’t worry cat people, Ellen’s feline-friendly products are expected to launch this fall.

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