Couple Incorporates Their Third Wheel Into Hilarious Wedding Photos

These are so good!

Everybody’s been the third wheel at some point, so why not have a little bit of fun with it?

That was Brittney and Kody Frysinger’s thinking when it came time to take their engagement photos. Looking to recreate a funny photo she’d seen on Pinterest, Brittney knew Kody’s best friend Mitch Jolliff was destined to play the role of their third wheel. Although their photographer, Lindsey Berger of Country Roads Photography, was totally on board with the idea, Mitch needed a bit more convincing.

“At first, I was not a big fan of it,” Mitch told Yahoo Style. “They actually had to persuade me quite a bit to take the pictures. I’m not a big picture taker.”

In the end he agreed, and Berger photoshopped “I” onto Brittney’s boot, “Do” onto Kody’s, and “N’T” onto the bottom of Mitch’s sneaker. The result (below) is hilarious and oh so relatable.

Lindsey Berger/Country Roads Photography

“We’ve been friends for seven years now, since we were in high school,” Kody said of his bond with Mitch to Yahoo Style. “Every single day, we’re in touch or with each other. Always together, always doing stuff together.”

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Berger told that she was so happy with the results of the engagement shoot, that she approached them about shooting a follow-up at the wedding. “Mitch's pouting face was the best thing! He did such a great job and made my vision come to life in a way I could've never even imagined!”

Another thing Berger could have never imagined? That the photos would go viral. But she says she’s happy to be able to make people smile. “It's nice to see something that fun and making people laugh being so publicized—we all need a little laughter!”

Ain’t that the truth!?

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