Alabama’s Largest Mansion Just Sold for $4.8 Million
It’s roughly the size of the White House.

Alabama’s largest mansion has sold for a cool $4.8 million, reports. At approximately 55,000 square feet, the 15-bedroom, 19-bathroom estate at 7 Montagel Way in Shoal Creek is the 28th largest home in America. To put that in perspective, it’s also roughly the same size as the White House.

Birmingham architect Bill Sheppard designed the estate for Larry House, the founder and former CEO of MedPartners, in the opulent style of the Palace of Versailles. After four years of construction, House’s private residence was finally completed in 1997.

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In addition to jaw-dropping frescoes and a marble Great Hall, the 27-acre property is full of unique features, including a long guitar-shaped driveway, a 25-person theater with box office, a 2,000 bottle capacity wine cellar. It also boasts a 3,000-square-foot guest house and its own equestrian center. Meanwhile, eco-conscious millionaires will appreciate that it was the first Alabama residence to install a geothermal HVAC system, which provides the sprawling property with cost-efficient heating and cooling year round thanks to 64 wells located 200 feet beneath the ground.

For more jaw-dropping photos of the estate, visit its listing on

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