The Southern Way to Taste Bourbon

There are countless traditions surrounding the sipping of bourbon. Morgan Murphy, author of Southern Living Bourbon & Bacon walks us through the proper tasting technique.


[MUSIC] Now Fred Noe who is a true bourbon baron. He's a seventh generation distiller taught me how to taste a bourbon. And the rituals around bourbon indeed whiskey are long and varied and everybody has their own special way of doing it. My dad after I started working here, he said gonna teach you how to drink bourbon. I thought I had that down pretty good but he really gave me a four step process on how to drink bourbon properly. And it's really pretty simple, I mean you, what you want to do is number one look at the color. You can tell a lot about a bourbon looking at the color. The lighter the bourbon it is, the lighter it's going to be in flavor. As it gets deeper and darker in color it gets more complex in flavor, a lot of times due to higher strengths or longer aging times. You know, it's after you kind of look at your color you want to nose it. Assess the aroma. There's a little trick to nosing the bourbon. When you stick your nose into that glass, keep your lips parted [MUSIC] Keep your lips apart. Yeah. Don't keep them tightly closed because if you keep them tightly closed you're going to pull more alcohol up into your nose. So if you open your mouth it'll actually smell different to you. Yeah. Yeah, that's a huge difference. Yeah, you can almost taste it before you put it in your mouth. But, you know the tasting I think is the most fun part part of the whole adventure. It's my favorite part. Right, right. What you want to do [MUSIC] When you put the bourbon in your mouth, chew on it a little bit. And it's kinda called, the Kentucky chew. I'll just demonstrate that part for you. [INAUDIBLE] Atta boy. Mm, mm, mm.' Cuz if you roll it around in your mouth. Different parts of your mouth Well yeah. pick up different flavors. [MUSIC] It's not about just firing it back, how you want to get it in your mouth and enjoy it, you know, and assess the flavors that come from the aging in that charred white oak barrel. And then the fourth step is the finish. That's the flavor it leaves behind after you swallow it. And that was going all the way down, that finish. There you go, yeah, there you go, I mean that's the. That is what it is all about, you know look at the color, look at the aroma, look at the taste, and assess the finish and that is how you properly drink burboune. That is a great tip, thankyou so much for having us today. You are welcome, my pleasure, my pleasure
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