The Best Bacon comes from the Best Pigs

Morgan Murphy, author of Southern Living Bourbon & Bacon goes straight to the source to find the tastiest bacon in the South.


[MUSIC] How your bacon tastes depends on, well, what the pig eats. And these Tamworth pigs, in Virginia, at Griffin Areas, feast on clover. Which makes the bacon taste, well, awesome. This is a homemade bacon. We use a sea salt from the sea of Cortez. Two days in in salt. And then we come back with a mixture of German cocoa three different types of chili powder and maple syrup. It's from our [INAUDIBLE]. They are developed in England. They were originally known as the Irish grazer. And they're very very adept at eating grasses and legumes, particularly the white clover we have such an abundance of here. They love diversity in their diet just like we do as far the complexity of the flavor come from a complex diet. Tell me about the marbling you look for in your bacon. I mean this is just beautifully marbled. The color is so dark and rich looking. Well, you know, I think a lot of it's got to do with just patience, and we always make sure our pigs are really good and fat before we take them in. The [INAUDIBLE] itself was, was developed as a bacon pig. It's got a long, what they call, depth of side. There, there's lots of belly. [MUSIC]
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