Why Bourbon isn’t Tennessee Whiskey

There’s one extra step that separates Tennessee whiskey from all other liquors in the whiskey family. Morgan Murphy, author of Southern Living Bourbon & Bacon gets the scoop.


[MUSIC] Now one thing you don't want to do is confuse bourbon with Tennessee Whiskey. They differ in one major way, Tennessee Whiskey when it's the white dog is filtered through charcoal before it's put in the barrel and that's called The Lincoln Country Process. It's made to use Tennessee whiskeys like Jack Daniel's and George [UNKNOWN]. Very fine whiskeys. But don't call them bourbon. So there's something very special about the Tennessee whiskey. We actually go through a charcoal [UNKNOWN] before it goes into the barrel. And you make your own charcoal. I was outside checking this stuff out. This is amazing. Yeah. We make all of our charcoal out of sugar maple trees. That are grown here locally. We bought from the local saw mill. Then we actually burn it here on site, we make our own charcoal, we make sure it's the highest quality box core. So you're taking the what, what most burger makers they would stop right? They, they come out with the white dog and then they're done and put that in a barrel, but you make a extra step your making just that much smoother. Exactly so what we talked about Tennessee Whiskey the highest quality whiskey. We want to go that extra step, and make us that [UNKNOWN] whisky that you can truly set everyone [UNKNOWN] straight with no mix-up. I like the sound of that. Now, this is kind of unusual. I did not expect to see a blanket in a distillery. This is a 100% wool blanket. Tell me what, what the blanket's for. Yes, we actually use the blanket for two places during the charcoal culturing. One at the bottom to help hold the charcoal in, and then one on top to help make sure we get a good even flow of whiskey throughout the charcoal vat. So you're just making a big whiskey sandwich there. Big biscuit or something, with charcoal. It's a nice slow drip process, so it's all done by gravity, no forcing. Nice and slow, again, to make sure that we get that highest quality whiskey. Impossible output out of the charcoal. So we've started with 18,000 gallons of corn, rye and water in the other room, and then, you've distilled it twice. Right. And now, by the time it gets into a barrel, how much is it reduced? From 18,000 gallons to? So that 18,000 is distilled down to somewhere around 2,500 gallons of. Who actually was keeling good and low. [MUSIC]
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