Beach Bag Essentials: For Him

Photo: Robbie Caponetto
Your new must-haves for the beach and beyond—all made in the South.

The Hat
Southern Proper’s Frat Hat is meant to be worn in and dirtied up.

The Oyster Knife
Whip out this heirloom-quality hammered Edisto knife and prepare to impress.

The Shirt
Made of 100% cotton and prewashed for fit and comfort, Southern Tide’s T-shirt is the only one you’ll need this summer.

The Bag
This sturdy MAKR backpack can stand up to any active adventure.

The Towel
Nashville’s Turkish-T Deck Bath Terry Towel is lightweight with a layer of terry to keep you dry.

The Trunks
Lilly Pulitzer’s granddaughter designs these salmon-hued shorts.

The Sunglasses
D.C.-based Panda makes sleek wooden frames. Profits from every pair go toward charity.

The Sandals
Atlanta’s Clay + Bros keeps things simple with a rubber sole and parachute-cord straps.

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