What's The Difference Between Chicken Stock and Chicken Broth?

Have you ever wondered which of these popular kitchen ingredients is the right one for your recipe? Join Test Kitchen Professionals Julia and Adam as they talk about the difference between chicken stock and chicken broth.


I'm Adam in the Tummy Food Studios. And this is Julia. Hey. And I have shopped at grocery stores for many years and I've always used unsalted chicken stock from Swanson's. And then all of a sudden they came out with this new product unsalted chicken broth. And everything went on its head. Yeah, I didn't know what the difference was side by side in the aisle. And I wanted to find out what the difference was. So when I was in culinary school, we learned from this handy dandy book right here. It's called the pro chef, [UNKNOWN] chef. And it tells us that the difference between a broth and a stock, is the stock is meat, mirepoix which is carrots, onions and celery, cooked down, nice flavor to the liquid. But a broth Is a stock that you fortify with more meat. Which is like, you add more stuff to it, right? Yeah. So it's basically a more intense stock. So we're gonna test Swanson to see if they've actually made it the correct way. Alright, I'll let you pour that one. So, pour the broth here. So the stock one, it actually has 130 milligrams of salt For every cup. And then the broth one actually has like 45 milligrams of salt for every cup. Which is like what? Which is like, how do you get more unsalted? So we're gonna find out. There's gotta be a flavor difference between. Which one are you gonna pour? I poured the broth. Okay, so I've got the stock here. The stock one is definitely a lot. Cloudier. Cloudy, so. Let's start with that one first, you think Start with stock, let's see. Feels very chickeny. Unsalted chicken stock, cold chicken stock. It taste like unseasoned rotisserie chicken. Okay. Okay so now. This one is which one? This is the broth. Okay it's the broth. [BLANK_AUDIO] Well, dang. Yeah, there's a big difference between those two. There is, it tastes kind of like an unseasoned chicken soup base. Yeah, so this is kind of cleaner and brighter. Yeah. And then the other one- Just tastes like chicken. Just tastes like chicken. Not to be cliche, but it tastes like So, I like both of them. If I were gonna pick one I'd probably pick the broth, just because it has less sodium in it. But they both have great flavor, I like them both. Yeah, I would have to say from a cooking standpoint I would use either one, but if I were gonna drink. If I were gonna drink one. Let's say if I had my wisdom teeth taken out or something. If I were sick. I would go with the broth. I probably wouldn't drink either because they're not very good cold and unsalted. I mean there's that. All right. Thanks. Thank you.
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