This Chicken Casserole Was a Hit at the Evans House

Greg DuPree
And we had leftovers.

I grabbed the Chicken Alfredo Casserole for the Month of Simple Suppers Challenge because a) I like a creamy pasta dish, and b) I was pretty sure the family would go for it. My wife Susan made it on a cold night in January, and by all accounts it was a home run. Rich, creamy, healthy-ish, and with a little tang from the pesto. The kids, who are 9 and 11, thought it could use a little more pesto, but maybe that’s because we used 16 ounces of pasta instead of 12. We added some cayenne to the alfredo sauce (Mario Batali) for a little kick, and we used 10 ounces of fresh baby spinach instead of 6 to bump up the veggie quotient. As for the chicken, you don’t really need to measure because it’s pretty much a whole bird. One thing we forgot was cooking the pasta while you’re doing everything else. Don’t forget that step, or you’ll end up with hungry kids wondering why dinner is so late. But the best part for a family of four? Leftovers.

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Ps. Don’t forget to save the chicken bones for stock.

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