Bored of Chicken? Try Our New Favorite BBQ Recipe

Greg DuPree
Chicken is a staple, and can get boring fast. Until now.

I made the BBQ Rub Roasted Chickens with Poatoes and Carrots for the Month of Simple Suppers Challenge. Chicken is a staple at our house but can sometimes get boring. This quick and easy to make BBQ rub made from simple ingredients that we even had in our pantry, adds a lot of flavor in a little time.


Don’t let the small amount of spices fool you; it makes plenty for two chickens. I must admit that the whole chickens were a bit pricey so check your local grocery store ads to see when they’re on sale. The recipe calls for 4 servings but remember that is per chicken. The potatoes and carrots were cooked to perfection and full of flavor but not quite enough for 8 servings. The chicken was incredibly juicy with just a hint of bar-b-que. If you don’t already have fresh flat leaf parsley, a teaspoon of dried parsley would be a suitable substitute.

We were pleasantly surprised with the outcome and now this will be a staple on our dinner table.

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