Southern Cheese Steak Sandwiches

Recipe: Southern Cheese Steak Sandwiches

Although these gooey pimiento-and-sharp-Cheddar sandwiches take almost no time to pull together, they're absolutely bursting with flavor. Join Test Kitchen Director Robby Melvin as he makes this cheesy comfort food with leftover flank steak in just a few steps.


At home I cook a lot of flank steak. It never fails I always have to much. So what I like to do with my left over flank steak is put a southern spin on the very iconic philly cheese steak. How do we do that? Well you put pimento cheese on it. First thing I wanna do is have my grated cheddar cheese. You're going to combine these ingredients. Puree them all together to have a spread that's going to be just perfect for melting over left over flank steak. And we're just going to pulse it up so it's nice and smooth and spreadable. [NOISE] That is perfect [MUSIC] The pan getting nice and hot here. Add a couple tablespoons of olive oil. Gonna add my onions to that. Got a nice sizzle going. We just wanna let these onions sweat down, get slightly carmelized, and soften. So onions are just perfect. Nice and sweat it down. Got some golden brown caramelized bits on there. Now we're gonna add our leftover flank steak. This is just to reheat it a bit. We've got our flank steak reheated with our caramelized onions. I've got some hoagie rolls here and I'm gonna begin piling our flank steak onion mixture inside Get a good mix of the onions as well as the steak in there. Top with our pimento cheese puree. Now we're ready to go straight to the broiler, get them nice and melty. So we've taken these out of the oven where they've broiled, got super melty, you got some nice golden brown bread. [MUSIC] Nice and crispy. These are going to be delicious. [MUSIC]
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