Southern hospitality is graciousness. It's unplanned, it's not pretentious, it's a way of life. Exactly. It's what we do, it's not something that we have to try and create. It's part of us. [MUSIC] Growing up on a farm in Indiana taught me a lot about food. And it was really learning that it was much more than just a recipe. Knowing where that food comes from, knowing where the ingredients come from are very important to making a dish. That is quality when it goes out to the guest. Watching my grandmother cook fresh produce from her garden, or from local farmer's markets, just really got me interested in keeping things as fresh as you possibly can. And the fact that here in the south we have some of the best dirt, so we have some of the best products, the best produce. I wanna celebrate the ingredients. Cooking in the season is very Important. And I think that's what good Southern cooking is all about. Freshness is so important to the Ruby Tuesday brand. And it's all of the components of a great experience that make the Ruby Tuesday difference. Part of the collaboration with Ruby Tuesday and Southern Living, we tested the salmon with hickory bourbon glaze and the pork chop with a The hickory bourbon glaze. These two recipes are a great fit for the Southern Living Top Picks, because of their flavor. The seasoning in relationship to the sauce and the searing of it, really gives not only a great flavor, but great texture. Hm-mm. As you cut into the pork chop or to the salmon and get the really succulent, tender feeling from the inside of it. Really makes it great when that little bit of sauce drips in. And you have this same glaze, the hickory tones, the light, smoky tones, brings out the very best of both of these two very different things. You wanna sit down surrounded by great people and enjoy this. [MUSIC]
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