[MUSIC] Hickory bourbon salmon. You really must start with a fresh fish. Seafood is one of those items that's, the freshness really comes out in the finished dish. Salmon is such a versatile piece of fish. I mean you can use it with nearly anything. You really can. It's great for searing like you guys have done here on the grill. Yeah. Look how you guys' rub really just accents the great colors. Oh, nice. The crust on the top protects the flesh inside. Without a doubt. Once you get a nice sear, then the inside's still tender. All right. One of the best things about a salmon dish is just the impeccable quality of the fish itself. And that quality's enhanced by the spice rub, and then the glaze. This is really what sets us apart. There we go. Look at that. Look at the color on there. Take the blueberry glaze right on the top. [MUSIC] Beautiful, look at that. The hickory in the dishes, a touch of this Lakewood smoke with a touch of sweetness, with a touch of pepper and I think it's the balance of how all of those come together. The skin really allows you to get a nice temperature. So inside is a great texture. Absolutely, perfectly juicy nice and tender. Got the Zucchini here, sweet potato fries. Come in with the salmon here, here we go. Touch of parsley on the top, just like this. Wow any of the sides that you can have with this. Accent. The great color, the smell, the texture and the flavor that the hickory bourbon salmon offers. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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