[MUSIC] The hickory bourbon pork chop. We wanted a pork chop that was thick, juicy, well-seasoned. We wanted a pork chop that had a great sauce and a great glaze on it. Im going to season this. Go get it, man. I just love the glaze Color the rub gives the pork. The pork chop was beautiful. The sourcing of it was impeccable. Super succulent, great natural flavor. Sourcing quality ingredients helps represent the freshness that travels through every dish on our menu. And really wanted a rub that gave a great texture and a great sear once you cook it. Oh yeah. There we go. So that rub, it really gets that caramelization going immediately. You want that sear to be just a little caramelized, a little bit crispy. You can smell the paprika. You can smell the pepper. And the glaze takes it to a whole new level. Let's put the glaze on. Let's do it. Having a little bit of that glaze in each individual bite, Right, right. Is really, really important. Perfect amount of smoke, sweetness to that chile, the cayenne and the rub. I love how it just drips down and continues that caramelization process. Yep. [MUSIC] I love these mashers. The texture's so creamy, it just goes so nice with a little crispiness from it. Oh, absolutely. All right, pork chop coming. Wow, that smells delicious.>> Wow that smells delicious, green beans a little bit of garnish on top here. When you have a pork chop on a plate that's resting on mashed potato with green beans, and a little bit of sauce just dripping out over the side. It is delicious.
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