Summer Entertaining Tips

These summertime tips give you great ideas to entertain family and friends this outdoor season.


[MUSIC] Hosting an outdoor party doesn't have to be stressful. Here are my four tips for hosting a flawless outdoor get together. Vary heights, serving pieces Of various heights give outdoor tables style and maximize space. If you don't have cake stands, set a plate with a rimmed base on top of an inverted flower pot or bowl. Double dishes. Serving buffet style means you'll need extra plates. Guests often take a fresh one for seconds or dessert, so plan on two to three plates per person. Mix and match. Mixing classic and contemporary elements can create a memorable table that's also practical. Unbreakable Melamine plates are perfect when paired with vintage silverware. And for all these extra dishes, and the ones that get really dirty, I use Oxi Clean dishwashing detergent. for sparkling dishes, with no pre-washing needed. Finishing touches. Finally, don't forget about presentation. Use your fine stemware to add a touch of elegance. If your glasses have been in storage, everything will definitely need to be washed. OxiClean dishwashing detergent will make them look brand new. If you enjoy entertaining as much as I do, Use Oxyclean and you'll have guest ready dishes and stemware for every occasion. [MUSIC]
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