3 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Clean-Up Easier

This year, spend more time with family and friends around the Thanksgiving table with these tips to make clean-up faster and easier- presented by OxiClean™ Dishwasher Detergent.


Thanksgiving is all about enjoying quality time with your family. But so much of that time can be taken up with cleaning that the day feels like a chore. This year, take Thanksgiving back with these tips to make cleanup faster and easier. Organize before you start. First, organize your refrigerator in advance. Your fridge will likely fill to capacity with all the extra food. And you'll need all the real estate you can find. Toss out old leftovers and expired items you've forgotten about. And minimize the items you keep, to leave as much room as possible. Cook in serve ware. Cook in the same containers you serve in and you'll have less to clean up. Opt for your best casserole dishes for prettier presentation. If you're determined to show off special serving dishes that aren't oven safe. Use them for cold dishes like cranberry sauce or salad. Wash once. Finally, make clean up easier after the meal. Since you'll have more dishes than usual, you may need to wash them in batches. OxiClean's new dishwashing detergent is so powerful it eliminates the need for a pre rinse, even with stuck on food or greasy pans. Because really, we love cooking, not cleaning up afterwards. With these simple steps, your Thanksgiving clean up just got a whole lot easier. So you can spend less time in the kitchen, and more time smiling over your favorite family photo album. [MUSIC]
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