Paris Mountain Showcase Home

Watch how a custom builder brought the amazing outdoor mountain views into the home, using Marvin Windows and Doors.

Southern Living Custom Builder Program Showcase Home (Greenville, South Carolina)
Credit: Dillard Jones Builders


[MUSIC] This particular neighborhood sits on top of Paris Mountain, and we have amazing views behind us in this house. [UNKNOWN] really allowed us the flexibility to design around the views that we wanted. And they actually make every window per the design of the house. So were actually able to start with the design of the house, and then Marvin custom made the windows. [MUSIC] For me, one of the greatest features of this house is being able to stand in this great room and look out over Furman Lake and look out from Paris Mountain. And Marvin Windows was a critical piece in bringing the outdoors in, and making you feel like you're out there with that view. [MUSIC]. When we chose Marvin windows, we chose them, in particular, for this grid pattern that they offer. It allows us to have a great expanse of glass, so that we can bring the outdoors inside. Hi. Marvin offers a wide range of aluminum clad colors, it allows me the inside trim any color I desire. [MUSIC] One of our five major components of building a house is low maintenance. People really want to spend their time enjoying their home they don't want to spend their time. Taking care of their house. Marvin Window offers the aluminum clad windows that we use in this house. Which have an excellent warranty. The paint quality of these windows is phenomenal It's baked on in the factory. it's something that the homeowners don't have to worry about taking care of in their lifetime again. Energy conservation is important to all of our clients today. Since there's so many windows in this house it;s important that they're insulated. They're put together properly so that we're not losing a lot of energy through this big giant opening inside of the house so we know if we have Marvin windows are in our home that we maximize the return of investment for our clients. One of the things that we found is that we have to associate with good brands, for our brand to be good. And Marvin is a brand of windows that really that's at the top of the heap. They're number 1 in their marketplace. They're custom windows and that's what our clients expect is the best of everything. [MUSIC]
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