Urban Style in the Suburbs

Watch how windows and doors helped bring a light filled, urban loft feel to a gracious home in a suburban setting.


[MUSIC]. The best new homes seem to grow organically, both from the homeowner's needs, but also, the opportunities that their properties provide us. The most successful projects are always the result of a great collaboration between the client, the builder, and a great manufacturer like Marvin. Here at Robins Ledge the home owners wanted big, open spaces. For entertaining and gathering both inside and out. The land presented us with two challenges. A steep slope at the front of the property and a jagged cliff at the back of the property. The concept we came up with was to lay everything out along a narrow spine that ran along the crest of the ridge. The spaces along the spine of the home starting here at the entryway. [MUSIC] Our fill is natural light, from the north and the south. With a house of this size, we chose to use oversized window and door openings to keep the scale of the house in proportion. [MUSIC] Here in the great room, the home owner wanted to combine the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen. to create an urban loft feeling in the suburbs. [MUSIC] The rest of the room is oriented to this dining area and to the views beyond. Large groups of guests can sit at the table and truly be connected to the landscape. Thanks to these giant nine foot by twelve foot sliding glass doors. That were custom made for us by Marvin. The two over two configuration makes them seem like windows rather than operational doors. Yet they open up to provide easy access to the patio and the yard beyond. The windows are clad in black aluminum on the outside for durability and low maintenance. And on the inside, they're wood, which painted black to give them a bit of an industrial look. Over here in the kitchen we kept the look because they're two over two double hung windows. But here, they're actually casement windows. This allows us to use a simple hand crank to avoid having to reach over the counter to operate a big heavy window. [MUSIC] Back in the hallway the staircase intersects the spine. [MUSIC] The contrasting materials that draw your eye up to the spectacular wall of glass. This window wall made up of 2 fixed units, this 1 twelve feet high and the 1 below 5 feet high allow light to spill into all levels of the home [MUSIC] We worked with Marvin to design the horizontal muntins to be thicker than the vertical muntins to match the other double hung windows in the house. Upstairs, we transition to the more private spaces of the house. The master bedroom is one of the tallest rooms, and we called it the treehouse. [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] Because of the beautiful view we have above the trees. In the kid's bedrooms, we added transom windows above the double hungs, so the kids would get a special view of the sky. [MUSIC] The overall effect is a completely integrated home that embraces the light. The views, and the topography of this unique property. [MUSIC]
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