Contemporary Beauty

Discover how Architect Nick Noyes, "Best in Show" Winner 2015 for Marvin's Architect Challenge, created breathtaking indoor/outdoor living spaces for this Hillside, California, home.


[MUSIC] A site like this is unlimited in possibilities. It was a process of kind of unearthing what is authentic, what is the right response to this place. I'm Nick Noyes, I'm an architect based in San Francisco. We're here in Healdsburg, California at a house I designed that won the Marvin Architects Challenge for 2015. Healdsburg is not far from San Francisco, but it's far enough away that you feel like you're in the country. This site has a fantastic southern exposure and tremendous vistas to the north and the east. We both fell in love with agricultural buildings that are around Sonoma County, and the very simple shapes that those have. There's so many elements in this house that I really like. The best part of it is the indoor/outdoor living. As you approach this house, you see this collection of buildings, you see the courtyard beyond, you see into the living spaces, the kitchen, dinning room spaces, you see a hallway that leads to the bedroom wing. Once you get to the main space, it's a very simple structure and you immediately notice the windows and doors. Andrew and Jerry wanted to have a house that took the inside and outdoors and kind of matched them together. Marvin was a wonderful partner in this process we used four sets of outspring doors in the The living room and the dining room enabling us to open that all up and to create one fluid space from the inside to the outside. We used push out casement windows, which is just a beautiful, timeless design. When you have such big views like this, the windows and doors that you choose are very vital. We ended up going with windows that were big cuz the views were big. As an architect, you never really feel like a project is finished. Andrew and Jerry and their kids have been really remarkable, and they keep bringing more and more life to this project. They've added a vegetable garden. They have goats. They have incredible furniture. They've done work on the landscape, so For us really the joy is to know that we were part of creating background for their life.
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