Breathtaking Coastal Home

Architect Patrick Ahearn teams up with Marvin Windows & Doors to create a breathtaking coastal New England family compound, complete with guesthouse.


[MUSIC] History really helps my architecture and it's a wonderful rich ensemble over hundreds of years that we can call upon to create these new properties in the spirit of the old but live the way people want to live today. My name is Patrick Ahearn, I specialize in high end residential, primarily in the New England vernacular style. I have two offices, one in Boston, and one here on Martha's Vineyard. An my Vineyard office covers the whole island, which is really [UNKNOWN]. This locale requires a house to be, as we call, upside down. So the primary living spaces are on the second floor to take advantage of the long vistas and views out to the. Ocean. This property is unique, that there were two separate lots. So our program was really to develop a family compound that included a primary house, a guesthouse, and a carriage house, and blend the properties together while still preserving the integrity of each of the lots. The use of the double gable roofs give a very nice romantic notion in New England vernacular, and yet, when you go inside the house, it really opens up in terms of how it flows and the aesthetic. I'm Terry Hills, with Marvin Design Gallery by MHC. I've worked with Patrick's firm many times. I love the detail of his work, and the way that he carries his theme throughout the home. Obviously windows and doors set the tone and character. Here we wanted to create a romantic notion of a house, balancing the amount of glazing and wall surface to maintain character, but at the same token, take advantage of the views and vistas. Marvin worked really well with us to create unique windows and doors that we incorporated in this house. We have eyebrow windows, we have. Specialty windows that picture frame a certain view in the vista. We have doors that create and indoor-outdoor dialogue. In this home he has simulated divided lights of the bottom as clear glass. On his doors he carries the same theme. He's used a lot of the Marvin Ultimate Inswing doors. Everything with Marvin is made to order. They will custom size any product. Marvin clearly stood out as one willing to do what we were trying to create. The light patterns, the muntin bar patterns were exactly what we wanted. We were able to get all the products we wanted in the entire ensemble buildings from one manufacturer and that was really important. It's been a really good experience from an architect's point of view and a homeowner's point of view. But the product has performed as it should. [MUSIC]
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