Balancing Modern with Home's History

See how this 1886 estate gets a modern update to their windows and doors yet maintains classic styling respectful of such a rich history.


[MUSIC] When restoring an older home, it's very important to balance, modern, durable, energy efficient design with a respect for the home's history. Here at the Steven's estate in North Andover Massachusetts, the main house sits on top of Ascot ville Overlooking 153 acres of rolling hills, lakes, and wooded hiking trails. This three story Victorian was built in 1886. When we were brought in to restore the property, the original windows were old, they were drafty, they were single paned. And really they were nonfunctional. But this house is on the national register of historic places. So any upgrades, especially the windows, have to be architecturally appropriate. One way to do this is to partner with manufacturers who have the desire and the ability [MUSIC] To customize there products for individual homes. Coming into the main entry the oak wanes coating, really darken the first floor hallway. But walking into the parlor [MUSIC], the single hung windows fill each room with plenty of natural light. Here, and throughout the house, we opted for replacement windows. Replacement windows could be fit inside the existing window openings, and we could preserve the beautiful woodwork as well as upgrade to insulated glass. The all wood system allowed us to adjust A perfectly square, and plumb new product to an imperfect existing opening. Upstairs the bedroom windows offer breathtaking views of the expansive property, and they bring an ample amount of natural light onto the second floor. We especially like, [MUSIC] The optional wood insert in the top sash, that hides the vinyl [UNKNOWN], The glass has a double layer metallic coating, that acts like a heat mirror. In the winter it reflects the rooms heat back inside. And in the summer it reflects the suns heat away From the house. The third floor bedrooms are much more modest. We have awning windows up here. They bring in much needed ventilation and some extra natural light. Our local Marvin dealer was able to help us select a set of modern, energy efficient windows that are still sympathetic to the architecture and details of each every individual room. All together,with the help of Marvin windows, we were able to preserve the beauty Of this historical home, while giving it an update in energy efficiency, aesthetics, and durability. [MUSIC]
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