[MUSIC] My name is Kelsea Ballerini. And I'm a country singer. I'm from Knoxville originally. And I knew that three hours down the road is like the heartbeat of country music. So I couldn't not move here. And when I did is really when I started finding like My creativity. I've listen to a lot of shows at the Bluebird cafe. That's the one to ever when has to go to. The one I first to town I played at Pucketts a lot. That was like the one place that let me play and they give you a free meal on its barbecue. So, it's a win. Nashville has so many local places that are popping up all the time that are incredible. So, I like to do like appetizer one place, meal one place, dessert one place, and get it, like try it all. It's really fun. [MUSIC]
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