Give Your Container a Colorful Lift

Give height to your container garden for show-stopping color while adding plenty of room for plentiful blooms!


[MUSIC] Want to know how to make the most of annual color? Give it a lift. Hi, I'm Carmen, garden expert with the Southern Living Plant Collection. And I'm gonna show you how to do this. First, stack em up. Terracotta pots that is. There's no easier way to give hard working plants eye catching height. Start with two pots. The largest one should be about 18 inches wide. And the second should be slightly smaller. Fill both pots with pre-moistened potting soil. Stack the second pot on top of the first, and position it towards the back. This is my tip for extra planting space. Because your stacked pots provide height, you can use all of one plant or mix things up. I'm gonna mix em up. You can't go wrong no matter what you choose from the Southern Living Color Collection. Now, let's plant. Be sure to set your plants in water before planting. First, add lantana. Loosen the roots before you plant. I'm going to plant three. Next, fill in with petunias. This is one of my favorite plants because they're so easy to grow. Last, add calibrachoa. Look at these luscious blooms. Repeat this in the second pot. [MUSIC] To keep blooms coming all season long, feed every other week with Vigoro. Never fertilize when the plants are dry. And be sure to water when soil is dry to the touch. Now you are ready for spring. Find this idea and more only at the Home Depot. [MUSIC]
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