Go Glam for Mardi Gras

Make a bold entrance at your Mardi Gras ball with these tips on how to choose the perfect look from Style Editor Stephanie Granada.


Mardi Gras balls gives us the perfect opportunity to get really dressed up and glam it up. Here are some no-fill tips to help you get ready for the partying. Color is the big do for Mardi Gras balls. I love to look for jewel tones like a cobalt blue, emerald green, ruby reds; those are gonna be great colors that will really pop. This dress is fantastic because it's got a really flattering shape. So the corset on top is gonna accentuate in it in your smallest area and the flowing skirt looks great on everyone. If you're gonna go a more classic route, look for some interesting details that are gonna set your look apart like lace, that's always gonna look gorgeous and beautiful. Also, a color like navy is gonna pop more than the black. And when you got something that's more simple, this is when accessories are really gonna come in to play. You wanna look for bold pieces that are really gonna kick it up a notch. This dress is one of my favorites. It's really a very simple dress as far as the cut goes. But the pattern and the beading and the way that it hangs on the body, just makes it really lavish and special. So if you wanna make a statement, something like this is the way to go. At the end of the day, you just want something that you feel really comfortable in. You're gonna be dancing all night, so you don't wanna be doing the tug-dance with the strapless gown or to be breaking in a pair of really uncomfortable heels. For more style, tips and ideas, check out Southern Living.
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