January 2010 Magazine

Features, recipes, and web exclusives from the January issue of Southern Living magazine.

January 2010 Recipes

Find recipes from the January 2010 issue of Southern Living magazine. more
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The Freshest Oysters in Florida

Go to the source to find the best oysters. more
| travel

Best Places in the South

See what readers chose as their favorite places in the South. more
| home and garden

Best Comeback Neighborhoods

We’ve scoured the South to find these neighborhoods that were once down on their luck but are now resurging with community pride. Learn from their inspiring stories. more
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Learn to Love Your Cast Iron

Use your nonstick pan all the time? Try versatile cast iron tonight.

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The Best in Organic Skincare

Atlanta’s HollyBeth Anderson creates face-and-body lotions by hand with organic ingredients. more
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Lovely Lilac Bath

Color ties this master bath in with the laundry room and bedroom. more
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Cozy Den Update

Our decorating editor shares the decorating tricks she used in her own small space makeover. more
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Lenten Roses 101

While other plants are fast asleep, these evergreen perennials spring up early to put on a show in your garden. more
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Southern-made Goods for the New Year 

Whether it's getting organized for the New Year or just brewing a cup of morning coffee, we've gathered what you'll need for a fresh start, all made right here in the South. more