March 2008: Sources

An online resource guide to help you locate a product or a service that you've seen in the magazine.

(D) Available only through a designer or architect; (M) Contact the manufacturer for a retail source near you; (O) Mail order; (R) Retail

Five-Star Service
Pages 72-74: Builder was Chris Ettel, VB Homes, Virginia Beach, Virginia; or [757] 491-1996.

Nashville Surprise
Pages 96-101: Architect was Ben Mosely, Carnell Mosley Architects LLC, Nashville, Tennessee, [615] 473-6795; site project superintendent was Shelley Carder, Carder Design/Build, Nashville, [615] 517-9641; interior designer was Laret Casella, Casella Interiors, Nashville, [615] 371-9903; lighting design by Lane Easterly, Edgefield Interiors, Nashville, [615] 226-1183; landscape architect was Gavin Duke, Page Duke Associates, Nashville; landscape designer was James Murray, Heibert & Associates, LLC, Franklin, Tennessee, [615] 376-2421; architectural metalwork "including steel mantel" by Don Adams, Don Adams Metal Studio, Nashville, [615] 251-1639; tulip vases by Aaronson Noon; painting above bar in dining room is Flirt by April Street; countertops from Cast Stone Counters, Inc., Nashville, or [615] 309-6011; backsplash is 1 x 1-inch opaque glass tile, manufactured by Carter; cabinets are maple from All Wood Cabinets, Nashville, [615] 726-1008; range, convection microwave, and cooktop by A-1; dishwasher by Wolf; refrigerator by Bosch; freezer is sub-zero; fireplace and log set from Town and Country Fireplaces, Duncan, British Columbia, ; stone is Solistone Black Pebble Tile Mosaic; tile is black slate.

"March 2008 Sources" is from the March 2008 issue of Southern Living.

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