February 2008: Sources

An online resource guide to help you locate a product or a service that you've seen in the magazine.

(D) Available only through a designer or architect; (M) Contact the manufacturer for a retail source near you; (O) Mail order; (R) Retail

Page 26: Table by Toro-Cordes Iron Arts, Birmingham, [205] 510-0014.

A Neat Workstation
Page 52: Brushed aluminum table top from Bradford and Hines, Inc. 3200 Sixth Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35222; www.bradfordandhines.com or [205] 324-9110.

Shades of Green
Pages 56-58: Interior design by Kimberly Harper Interiors, Fayetteville, Arkansas, [479] 442-4999; bedroom wall paint is Ryegrass (6423) and bath wall paint is Ivoire (6127), both by Sherwin-Williams, www.sherwinwilliams.com (R); bath cabinet knobs from Anthropologie, www.anthropologie.com (R).

Seasoned With Style
Pages 64-65: Residential design by Jenney A. Petrikin, Residential Design Solutions, Nashville, [615] 498-7802.

"February 2008 Sources" is from the February 2008 issue of Southern Living.

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