August 2008 Magazine Issue

Southern Living magazine contents for August 2008.
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Mountain Escape

Indulge in upscale lodgings at the best new inn in western North Carolina. more
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Red PrimeSteak

With Oklahoma City’s exciting rebirth comes a renewed emphasis on food―in this case, locally grown meats. more
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Great Summer Getaway

Set aside a couple of days to explore this breezy seaport. more
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Bountiful Blooms

Michelle Roth shares the romance of flowers with fresh-picked bouquets from her garden. more
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Summertime Dazzler

This tiny crepe myrtle is just the right size to add sweeps of beautiful color to your yard. more
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Davidson Gap Artistic Features

Designer, Traci Kearns, explains the thought behind the art in this home. more
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Maria’s Retreat

Come visit a garden like no other. You won’t believe what you see. more
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Party With Punch

Cool off the South’s hottest month with ice-cold sangría paired with a delectable, no-fuss menu. more
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Great Town on the Rebound

Tired of sitting in traffic? Find out how these Atlanta residents traded their commute for a community. more
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Tasty Tomatoes

Juicy heirloom tomatoes are a reason to celebrate with family and friends. more
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6 Tips to a Healthier, Happier You

Add wellness to your days with these tips. more
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Power Up Lunch

Maintain your energy throughout the afternoon by packing yourself a vibrant midday meal. more
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Keep Your Cool

Let us show you how to stay comfortable in the heat. more
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First-Rate Veggie Plate

These exceptional recipes dish up delicious flavor and some stylish twists. more
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Tasty Chicken Anytime

Bring good flavor to the table during the week with quick and affordable chicken thighs. more
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New Take on Lasagna

Try a time-saving spin on a much-loved classic. more
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August 2008: Sources

An online resource guide to help you locate a product or a service that you've seen in the magazine. more
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Miami Restaurants and Hotels

You don’t have to be named Lopez, Estefan, or Kravitz to experience the high life in Miami. more