Find out what to do in Birmingham, Alabama with this editor-guided tour for the music man.
Story by Robby Melvin

Morning Must
Tuning in to Substrate Radio, a locally curated indie music internet radio station.

Best Kept Secret
Highland Underground, a basement-turned-makeshift music venue. The guest list is super tight and varies from act to act.

While Away the Afternoon...
Strolling the historic 4th Avenue Business District. Visit the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame inside the legendary Carver Theater.

Smartest Use of $20
Put it in your gas tank and drive to Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The whole area, including Muscle Shoals Sound Studios, is steeped in music.

Perfect Ending to the Day
Listening to Vulcanite Radio, a locally run Internet radio station that celebrates the feel-good golden age of hip-hop.