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  1. Rearrange & Renew
    This overcrowded great room gets a smart update that’s perfect for every day.
  2. A Sink for Guests
    This Virginia Beach homeowner is ready for company with a cleverly designed bedroom.
  3. A Brief History of the Azalea
    Many of our best-loved plants first entered the South in Charleston. Here’s the fascinating story of the azalea got through the region's garden gateway and to your backyard.
  4. Fabric as Art
    Bold material and blank canvas offer a low-cost solution for dressing up bare walls.
  5. Secrets of a Savvy Gardener
    Learn how this Oklahoma City garden designer and mom created a space full of flowers, herbs, vegetables—and great ideas
  6. ABCs of Silver<br /> 
    You love it when it shines. Here are some tips to get you ready for tarnish-free holidays.
  7. Make It Yours
    This homeowner turned an unused space into a special place.
  8. Fantastic Flowers
    One of the South's finest collections of beautiful orchids awaits at this Florida garden.
  9. Five Ideas, One Kitchen
    A designer reveals her decorating secrets, noting that comfort and convenience can make your home even more livable.