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  1. Rearrange & Renew
    This overcrowded great room gets a smart update that’s perfect for every day.
  2. A Sink for Guests
    This Virginia Beach homeowner is ready for company with a cleverly designed bedroom.
  3. Fabric as Art
    Bold material and blank canvas offer a low-cost solution for dressing up bare walls.
  4. ABCs of Silver<br /> 
    You love it when it shines. Here are some tips to get you ready for tarnish-free holidays.
  5. A Brief History of the Azalea
    Many of our best-loved plants first entered the South in Charleston. Here’s the fascinating story of the azalea got through the region's garden gateway and to your backyard.
  6. Secrets of a Savvy Gardener
    Learn how this Oklahoma City garden designer and mom created a space full of flowers, herbs, vegetables—and great ideas
  7. Make It Yours
    This homeowner turned an unused space into a special place.
  8. Big Style on a Small Lot
    This new home takes full advantage of its coastal setting in the vibrant community of Rosemary Beach, Florida.